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Source:Linyi Sinosin Tools Co.,Ltd. Date:2016-5-25
Prompt:If you need a few electric jack at the same time, please use the TYZF type synchronous jack.
According to the different use of the jack:
1, if the need for a few electric jack at the same time, please use the TYZF type synchronous jack.
2, such as the need for a long time to support the weight of the use of YZL self locking jack.
3, can choose YZB space narrow thin jack or small tonnage RR double action jack.
4, the electric pump station matching is based on jack lifting speed requirements for matching, specific please see the corresponding parameters of the pump station.
Recommended to use high power pumping station, in order to be suitable for long time use.
First, the use of
YZQ Hydraulic jacks are widely used in electrical maintenance, bridge maintenance, weight lifting, static pressure pile, foundation settlement, bridge and ship building and repairing, especially in highway and railway construction and School of mechanical adjusting, equipment such as the demolition of the.
Two, the use of methods
1, before use must check whether the normal.
2, the use should be strictly abide by the provisions of the main parameters, should not exceed the overload, or when the height of the lifting or lifting of the tonnage of more than a specified cylinder, the top of the cylinder will be a serious oil spill.
3, such as manual pump body oil is insufficient, need to be added to the pump should be fully filtered N32# hydraulic oil to work.
4, electric pump, please refer to the instructions of the use of electric pump.
5, the weight center of gravity to the choice of proper and reasonable choice of the focal point of the electric jack, to pad the bottom level, taking into account the hard and soft ground conditions, whether to the wood liner tough, place is stable, so load subsidence or tilt.
6, electric jack will be heavy lifting, should be in time with the support of a strong support for the firm, prohibit the use of electric jack as a support. For a long time to support the heavy load, please use the YZL self locking jack
7 for a few electric jack while lifting, please use TYZF type synchronous jack, except should correct placement of the superhigh pressure jack should use top shunt valve and the load of each electric jack should be balanced, pay attention to keep lifting speed synchronization. Must also consider the weight due to uneven ground may subside, is inclined to prevent lifting heavy objects and dangerous.
8, when using the manual pump of the quick connector and top docking and choose the right position, will pump oil drain screw is screwed, can work. Wants to make the piston rod down, manual pump handwheel according to counter clockwise slightly loosen cylinder unloading, the piston rod is gradually decreased. Otherwise, it will be dangerous to fall too fast.
9, the electric jack system hydraulic recoil, lifting the end, you can quickly remove, but can not be used to connect the hose to pull the super high pressure jack.
10, users should not exceed the rated travel, so as not to damage the electric jack.
11, the use of the process should avoid severe vibration jack.
12, is not suitable for the use of acid and alkali, corrosive gases in the workplace.
13, users should regularly check and maintenance according to the use of the situation