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Source:Linyi Sinosin Tools Co.,Ltd. Date:2016-5-25
Prompt:(1) the jack should choose top load than the actual needs of the force 20%-30%
To determine the 1 top force
(1) the jack should choose top load than the actual needs of the force 20%-30%
(2) when a plurality of jacks are used simultaneously, the utility model has the possibility that the load is not uniform, and the jack with sufficient margin should be selected.
2 reset function
(1) spring return and gravity reset, the jack is often referred to as a single action jack, retracted respectively through the built-in spring reset and reset the applied force is
(2) hydraulic reset, which is often referred to as a double acting jack, which can achieve a faster retraction by hydraulic power at reset.
3 Jack's stroke
A jack with sufficient travel allowance should be selected.
4 note when using
Jack can be vertical, horizontal, oblique, inverted use, but must be loaded with a vertical load
5 use frequency
When using the frequency is high, should choose the strength type lifting jack
6 working speed range
When no load, the maximum 300mm'/sec
When there is a load, must be used in the following 300mm/sec
The lifting speed of the weights is more appropriate when 5mm/sec
7 use the environment
Please use the ambient temperature range of -5~40 degrees Celsius
Jack sealing ring using the ambient temperature of -10~80 degrees Celsius
8 Jack's allowable transverse load
Jack's load bearing section fully bear the load, please pay attention not to add the oblique load and the impact load
Allow the cross load, please confirm by the respective specification table